Harvey Smith lives just outside the village of Kingsbury in Warwickshire and attends the local Kingsbury School.

Harvey has previously competed in Kickboxing, represented his country and won three Silver Medals and one Bronze at the WMKF World Championships in Sicily.

Harvey is a member of the Midlands Powerboat Racing Club.

The Club is based at nearby Kingsbury Water Park, which gives him the opportunity to practice and test in his now preferred sport – Powerboat Racing.

Harvey started racing after a visit to a round of the 2012 UIM F2 World Championships held at Nottingham and finished 7th overall in the 2013 GT15 Powerboat GP British Championship.

Harvey entered his first World Championship at Nottingham 12 months later and finished 12th, during the 2013 season he was encouraged and guided by Matt Palfreyman, a UIM F2 World Championship racer.

During the winter of 2013 Harvey and Matt teamed up to form the ‘F1 Atlantic GB’ team which was encouraged by UIM F1 Atlantic team principle and F1 H2o driver Duarte Benavente.

The team have made a massive impact in terms of profile, appearance and results in Britain and abroad since.