A hard race for Harvey in his final GT15 European Championship in Znin Poland he qualified 5th on the grid out of 14 competitors

The first heat saw him finish second to Stefan Arand, heat 2 Harvey was once again lying second he hit the turn bouy and it was decided by the organisers he damaged the buoy !!

so he was docked a lap and started heat 3 from 13th position on the grid and after a restart caused by an incident saw him fight back to finish in 3rd position

So the final heat was the decider for the Bronze medal saw harvey once again finish in 3rd position however a complete surprise was the young driver from Latvia who finished in first place with a massive lead over the rest of the field.

took the bronze medal by 44 points.

So Harvey finished 4th overall a great result taking into account the set back of starting 13th in heat 3, the result doesn’t reflect the spirited drive and the determination of this young driver.

congratulations to all the medal winners.