Harvey Smith – 2017 GT15 British Champion!

Harvey Smith won his first powerboat racing title at the final race of the 2017 Powerboat GP British Championship today.

The GT15 series was run over 5 venues this summer, Lancashire, Lowestoft, Chasewater, Stewartby and the Rother Valley.

Harvey went into this weekend’s GT15 WNT Rother Valley Grand Prix only needing a second place to ensure 2017 glory and that’s exactly what he got!

He said after:

It’s a dream come true, all the hard work has paid off!
I can’t thank my team enough, mum and dad especially and of course my partners and sponsors.

Harvey can take the confidence of the Championship win into 2018 where he will be competing in a French built and designed Moore Formula Racing F4 catamaran.

Exciting times indeed!

Photos: Matt Palfreyman

GT15 WNT Rother Valley Grand Prix – Results


1st) George Elmore – 51.20
2nd) Harvey Smith – 51.23
3rd) Aidan Fleet – 55.42
4th) E Goodfellow – 56.34
5th) Jamie Atlee – 56.92
6th) Jessica Haylock – 57.48

Heat 1

1st) George Elmore
2nd) Harvey Smith – 03.91
3rd) Aidan Fleet – 25.03
4th) E Goodfellow – 36.23
5th) Jamie Atlee – 43.91
6th) Jessica Haylock – 49.17

Heat 2

1st) George Elmore
2nd) Harvey Smith – 06.16
3rd) Aidan Fleet – 24.53
4th) E Goodfellow – 44.70
5th) Jessica Haylock – 57.05
6th) Jamie Atlee – 1 lap

Heat 3

1st) George Elmore
2nd) Harvey Smith – 05.09
3rd) Aidan Fleet – 22.84
4th) E Goodfellow – 40.34
5th) Jamie Atlee – 54.12
6th) Jessica Haylock – 57.56


1st) George Elmore
2nd) Harvey Smith
3rd) Aidan Fleet