UIM GT15 Qualification day!

It’s qualification day for the 2017 UIM GT15 World Championships!

Harvey answered some questions this morning about the event.

Who will be your biggest competition?

Kärol Soodla and Georgi Iljin because last year I fought against them the most.

What position are you looking for overall?

I’m looking for top 5.

What is the weather and course looking like?

The weather is sunny with not a lot of wind.

Does it suit you?

The course suites me because of it has the right hander which last time I was in Finland I gained on people there.

Timetable – Friday 16th June

Times GMT +3

08:00 UIM GT15 Scrutineering
09:00 UIM GT15 Drivers briefing
11:00 UIM GT15 (A) Free practice
12:00 UIM GT15 (B) Free practice
15:00-15:30 GT15 (A) Time trial
15:45-16:15 GT15 (B) Time trial
16:45 GT15 (A) Qualification
17:15 GT15 (B) Qualification
18:45 GT15 Repechage

Photo: Jake Noone